Hello my name is jessica goggans.I am 39 and I have two daughters ages 16 and 11. My father Dorsey Dendy Sr passed away 1 year ago. IT IS SO SAD to say this but whenhe passed on he took a part of me with him. I had to get professional help to deal with his death, I felt like my life was over and it wasn't fair to my girls...I couldnt work, eat or clean...all I could do was lay in bed and cry all day!! I prayed and (THANK YOU JESUS)!!HE SAVED ME!! I'm just having a hard time with the remaining funeral balance.my dad had three insurance policies but only one paid off the other two policies were contestable and they say he didn't list everything on the appllication. My father was a good man and he had no reas ko n to hide his illness and he didn't he was legally blind....he has a balance of 1600.00 .your help will be greatly appreciated! !